I’m getting there. I’ve reached the split on the front and although I realize I should have done both sides at once, I’m liking how fast one side at a time seems to go. Less stitches at a time makes a difference! So, today being hot and humid and just all around gross out there, and my freelance work being at a waiting for approval stage, I have some knit time this afternoon.

Last night I got a surprise call from an out of town friend who was IN TOWN and almost didn’t tell me since she was afraid she’d be working too much to see me. But as it turns out, she had the evening free, and thankfully so did I, because she treated me to a lovely dinner.

Friends, and yarn, makes Jackie a happy girl.

8 Responses to “hoodie progress report”

Damn, woman! You are just FLYING through that hoodie. Good thing, because I can’t wait to see this one finished. It’s gonna be fab.

Becky read my mind. I can’t believe how quickly you’re working through that hoodie. It looks fantastic.

very pretty! i can’t wait to see it come together. i have to finish my secret pal prezzie first or i’d have cast on for this one by now myself!

I love it! That’s such a great pattern. And the color you’ve picked is gorgeous. Have fun cabling. 🙂

seriously i think i might die of jealousy. i just felt my heart leap into my throat when i saw the picture. looks great, flying off your needles, how awesome is this going to be to wear. wow.

Beautiful! I’m loving your cable work. Thank goodness for freelance, it gives us more time to do the fun things!

Thanks everyone!
Becky – you finish things WAY faster than I ever could.
Carolyn – Knit it with me!

C’est manifique! Beautiful work! That colour is going to look fabulous on you!