FINALLY, my Anne yarn has arrived. The colors are really much deeper than they appear in the photo. Now I can jump in the Pool. As if I need another project to work on right now.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished one side of the front of the hoodie, the other side will get some attention tonight as I watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. That usually bores me, but it’s very rainy here, so a night in won’t kill me.

7 Responses to “Where ya been, Anne?”

Lovely colors. I like the pink and the green together with the little purple inbetween. Good luck getting started with it. Those first few times trying it out can be a pain (to be honest, I haven’t gotten past them yet!). It’s going to be gorgeous!

Wow, that sure is some bright pink! I know you said it was the photo, but still, when compared to the green…
It looks like it’ll knit up nicely indeed!

See, there’s actually NO PINK in it at all. It’s a reddish burgundy – bright, but not like that. It’s amazing what a flash can do. I’ll have to try to take a photo in daylight with no flash.

You could always touch up photos a little after taking them. I usually find the colours of things rather off when viewed on a computer, or digicam LCD for that matter, so I’ll tend to tweak colours and contrast levels a little, just to make pictures look more true to the real thing.

The color is GORGEOUS.

I don’t retouch my photos. What may look right on MY computer will probably end up looking wonky on someone else’s. Daylight is my best friend 🙂

what a great colorway! i can’t wait to see it striping up.

lovely colorway! just beautiful.