That actually has double meaning this week, as I have been obsessed with the Olympic swimming meets. But that also means that I have attempted the Pooling Colors scarf a little bit. First, watching the Olympics gives me perfect knitting time, and also made me sit still long enough to wind all that Anne yarn into a ball (no, I don’t have a ball winder). THAT took an hour and a half. Then I made two or three attempts to start the pooling. I was close, but not close enough. I think I may try and change needle sizes.

On the hoodie front, I am mere inches away from finishing the front. One side is done, the other is halfway into the armhole shaping. I suspect today at work might finish that off, and then it’s Into The Sleeves.

Other than that, laying low. Rainy days and the games have kept me a bit of a hermit. Today the sun is shining and I’m stuck inside. Can you all help me pray to the weather gods for some sun on the weekend?

4 Responses to “Everybody in the pool!”

the swimming has been good. go brendan, go brendan… 😉

It was raining all day Monday and yesterday, so we couldn’t go out. The kid was bouncing off the walls!

I agree, the Olympics is awesome to knit to! I especially like the gymnastics myself. The swimming is good too but the yaking that NBC does bugs me!

happy birthday… (um, it’s my dad’s bday too. so you’re even specialer than you knew. hee hee)