that I also bought myself a little birthday present? I ordered this yarn to make this sweater. After all, I need some simple knitting for public gatherings, Alice is a little too involved for conversation.

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And she does it again, choosing the classiest pattern possible! Can’t wait to see this one come to be, with your magic knitting fingers.

I’m so glad you had a nice birthday. You got some well-deserved goodies, let me tell you. Them’s is some kickin’ boots!

P.S. I can’t stop grinning at Ty’s photo. Such a sweetie! Lucy sends her love 🙂

That is such a pretty jacket! I love the “piping” and the ruffle border. Can’t wait until Rowan 36 is at my lys!

What a gorgeous pattern!
That hem looks so pretty, though I kind of wish it were continued on in the same way for the sleeves.

Makes me wish (once again, for the billionth time) that I had the ability to browse Rowan patterns at a LYS nearby.

Kormew, I’ll bet the edging could be easily adapted to the sleeves. I might think about doing that, although I also like the simplicity of the sleeves as is.

You can see all the patterns on the Rowan site, although I know it’s not the same as looking at the mag close up.

I want to make Lisette in Leafy too. Must knit from the stash first. I should be ready to buy new yarn in another few years. 🙂

Love that sweater! And that way you’ll have something to work on when we meet up at KnitNY 😉

(PS: Em is planning to make that one too…)

great color. love that pattern!