Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a pretty good birthday and weekend. The weather was horribly hot and humid on Friday but it didn’t stop me from shopping around and getting some fab new earphones for my iPod and a kick ass pair of boots (green suede) too. Then a wonderful dinner at Hearth, which may be my new favorite restaurant (for now, anyway) and finally capped off the evening with a show at CBGB’s, as part of the Howl Festival. Whew, them’s a lot of links.

Saturday was nasty so a lot of knitting went on. And Sunday, a glorious day that should have been spent at the beach (but I got travel lazy) was spent on the hill in Central Park, listening to my favorite NY folk singer, and hanging out with Ty on the grass. More knitting.

I’m about a third way into the first sleeve of the cable hoodie. Pics tomorrow!

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