OK, so I didn’t finish the first sleeve yet, as I thought I would by now. But I’ve made decent progress, I think.
My goal now is to have this one done by weekend, and the next at least started. The next two or three weeks will be really hectic with a tight deadlined project, so I don’t expect much knitting to happen. But, I have given myself a goal of the end of October to have this whole sweater done.

Today waiting for the UPS man with my 4 ply soft. Can’t wait to pet it…

2 Responses to “Nothing up my sleeve”

You are so making me want to do a cable project! The sleeve looks great.

Pet it – ha! 😀

at the rate you’re going you’ll be done by the end of september! it is an addictive pattern though. and seeing yours makes me want to get further along too 🙂