This 4 Ply Soft is indeed yummy. I had to wait till this morning to pick it up from downstairs package room since Mr. UPS did not buzz me yesterday, just left it there! The anticipation was killing me. But, it’s lovely and oh so soft, and the color considerably deeper than I expected (yes, even deeper than the photo, damn lack of natural light in the NYC cave) but that’s actually good, since the boots I recently got are a pretty deep green. I can’t wait to start Lisette. But I will not, till my cable hoodie is complete. Let’s see how much willpower I have…

4 Responses to “Mmmmmm”

Ooh – that is lovely stuff! A pox on Mr. UPS for making you wait!

Okay, please excuse me while I totally torture myself from envy over your stash of 4-freaking-ply Soft. ARGH!!!!

Me want some, too. Darnit.

Cryptic P.S. Next week I find out about the last week of October. WOOOOO HOO!

I LOVE this shade!! (And your boots, too)

lovely color!