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It’s our Birthday

Posted by jackie blue on August 20th, 2004

Well, it’s Ty’s fake birthday, but our anniversary together, and me, i’m just getting old. But we were a little too late this morning to join Cari’s dog parade, so we are there in spirit. Happy Birthday to the other dog moms out there, and thank to those who gave me good wishes earlier than this post. After all, it’s our birthday, we get to sleep late.

Everybody in the pool!

Posted by jackie blue on August 17th, 2004

That actually has double meaning this week, as I have been obsessed with the Olympic swimming meets. But that also means that I have attempted the Pooling Colors scarf a little bit. First, watching the Olympics gives me perfect knitting time, and also made me sit still long enough to wind all that Anne yarn into a ball (no, I don’t have a ball winder). THAT took an hour and a half. Then I made two or three attempts to start the pooling. I was close, but not close enough. I think I may try and change needle sizes.

On the hoodie front, I am mere inches away from finishing the front. One side is done, the other is halfway into the armhole shaping. I suspect today at work might finish that off, and then it’s Into The Sleeves.

Other than that, laying low. Rainy days and the games have kept me a bit of a hermit. Today the sun is shining and I’m stuck inside. Can you all help me pray to the weather gods for some sun on the weekend?

Where ya been, Anne?

Posted by jackie blue on August 13th, 2004

FINALLY, my Anne yarn has arrived. The colors are really much deeper than they appear in the photo. Now I can jump in the Pool. As if I need another project to work on right now.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished one side of the front of the hoodie, the other side will get some attention tonight as I watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. That usually bores me, but it’s very rainy here, so a night in won’t kill me.

hoodie progress report

Posted by jackie blue on August 11th, 2004

I’m getting there. I’ve reached the split on the front and although I realize I should have done both sides at once, I’m liking how fast one side at a time seems to go. Less stitches at a time makes a difference! So, today being hot and humid and just all around gross out there, and my freelance work being at a waiting for approval stage, I have some knit time this afternoon.

Last night I got a surprise call from an out of town friend who was IN TOWN and almost didn’t tell me since she was afraid she’d be working too much to see me. But as it turns out, she had the evening free, and thankfully so did I, because she treated me to a lovely dinner.

Friends, and yarn, makes Jackie a happy girl.