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Mailman brings treat

Posted by jackie blue on August 5th, 2004

Big_Book_of_Knitting_Stitch_Patterns_I.jpg In my mail this morning, a big book of knitting stitches. I can forsee a lot of cute poncho patterns born from this book, if I just had the time. And I found out my “Anne” yarn just shipped this morning, so should be here soon.

Worries in Ebayland

Posted by jackie blue on August 4th, 2004

I still haven’t received my “Anne” yarn from Ebay for the Pooling Colors Scarf knitalong. I won it over a week ago, it’s coming from fairly nearby, and two emails to the seller yesterday and today have so far gone unanswered. Hopefully it will show up sometime this week, and the no reply just means they haven’t checked email yet.

I do actually have to make a living so little knitting today, but I’m taking a Hoodie and lunch break, so I’m getting a little done before an afternoon meeting. I’ll post progress photos in a day or two.

Monday check in

Posted by jackie blue on August 2nd, 2004

A pretty good weekend just passed despite not the greatest weather. We managed to have a lovely lobster fest on Sat. night with plenty of New England Clam Chowder too – YUM. I must do that at least once a summer.

Alice made a weekend appearance at the beach and pool on Saturday, and since Alison asked about the Phildar hoodie – thanks to an early morning thunderstorm on Sunday, the front of the hoodie is now about 5 inches done. I plan to knit more of that in my nice air conditioned office tomorrow (I think that forgives the “no wool in summer” rule, since it’ll be freezing in here) and if I keep up momentum, I’ll certainly have it done in time for the cold weather. Meanwhile, it’s about 90 degrees today.

With not much other knitting news (still waiting for the “Anne” to arrive in the mail) I will check back in tomorrow.