but work has me SOOO busy. I did, however, make sure I got out to the beach last weekend, since it was so nice out for a change. I also had a couple of friends who’d never been to Coney Island (!) join me on Saturday for some sand and surf and Nathan’s. So that left me some knitting time at night, to finish this sleeve.
I’ll even give you a close-up of the cabling since it may be awhile before you see the second sleeve done! (Yes, I started it. Don’t give me that!)
It’s tax free week here in NYC (we usually pay tax on clothing) so I might have to breakaway from work for a little while and get a new skirt or pants to go with this hoodie!

5 Responses to “I don’t mean to be scarce…”

Hey Jackie!
That is coming along really nicely. I don’t know if you remember me, but thanks for assuring me that I could work from a French pattern. I did get the Phildar Irlandais (the one with the same hoodie in the pic)and I really like it. I think I have discovered a new love with Phildar! THANKS!

the sleeve looks great! one sleeve and a hood to go. is it me or does it look really long?

Brit, of course I remember you, and I’m so glad you dove into the world of Phildar. And now I can read your blog and keep up with what you’re up to!

Jody, the hood looks like it goes on forevvvvvvvvver.

greeeat. just what i want to hear. i was happy because i’m approaching the armholes of the back!

and to think i’m considering making a kangaroo pocket in the front!

have you tried sewing up the front and back to see what it looks like?

J! The cables look great. Love the colour too!! Hope you found something fun to go with you hoodie!