I received my Secret Pal III match and already got an email from the person who got me! Yay! I’m looking forward to this, which will force me to actually get to the post office and send out some other things I’ve been long procrastinating on.

Well, I have a bit of those end of summer blues. Since childhood I have been a beach girl, and yesterday was probably my last ocean swim for awhile. Today was gloomy and gray so no beach, but a nice barbecue at my brother’s house – he couldn’t wait to show off his brand new theatre (his living room, but with a 9 foot viewing screen and surround sound) which ok, although I have a home theatre too and HDTV, his kind of blew my movie watching experience out of the water. Anyway, it fun to see two of the grand nieces, one turning 4 next week and the other 16 months. I should be knitting for them more, right?

Oh, and speaking of knitting. This morning being gray and all, I got to attend to my second sleeve some, and it’s coming along nicely. I’m glad I forced myself away for these two days even though I have a lot of work.

And speaking of work. No holiday for me tomorrow, I’ll be at the paper doing what I do every Monday. Feel sorry for me.

2 Responses to “Secret Pals and not so labor-free Labor Day”

Psst! KnitNY this Friday. Me, Iris, Em, Mindy. You?

Hope all is well with you and Ty! I’ve been reading your archives and have enjoyed the chronicle of your beginnings together–that’s a really cute puppy!

I was also intrigued by your past mah jongg experience. Do you still play? I think you’re the first mah jongging knit blogger I’ve come across yet…