Just came up from my mail room in the lobby with a box from my secret pal!! It arrived yesterday but the mail people here never ring you, they just stick it in our package room and I needed to wait till this morning to get it. But look what was inside!
This adorable tote is handmade from a placemat, and I have enough chocolate now to keep me satisfied for weeks. It even came in adorable sheep tissue paper. THANK YOU, Secret Pal!

No other news I’m afraid, I’m deep into client revisions and my social life is null and void. I’m planning a KnitNY outing tomorrow to hang with Carolyn and it’s so lovely out, I hope to get out with the pup too. And that’s all she wrote.

2 Responses to “My first secret pal gift ever!”

that bag is great! my SP from the last round sent me a bag and i love it.

good luck getting thru all the revisions and enjoy your time on KnitNY tomorrow

What a great treat you got from your SP! I can’t wait to hear from mine.