Well, thanks to a deadline extension, I was able to enjoy the part of the weekend I had free and join a 4.5 hour knitting session with Carolyn, Jenn, Lis, Amy, and some other lovely women. Jenn has a great photo of us up. Anyway, Carolyn is just what I expected – fun and very cool to hang out with! I agree with Jenn, visit us again soon, girl!

I got a good deal of my sleeve done and fondled some lovely yarn, but didn’t buy anything. That is, until I got home. I ordered some yarn but I think I will wait until it arrives to show it off.

Unfortunately though I had to work all day yesterday so knitting ended there. But I think some will get done at work today. It’s slow as molasses in January right now.

2 Responses to “Another day, another entry”

it was great to meet you too!! and i did wind up at apt. 48 on sunday afternoon…but stayed very calm and just purchased a couple tiny things. after purchasing the 4 glass heroes of the torah set at fish’s eddy first! 🙂

Oh my god! I just looked on the web site and saw those. They are HILARIOUS.