So I’ve been having one of those weeks. I’m busy with a thousand rounds of client revisions, a trip I was counting on was cancelled, it’s Fall now but it’s 82 friggin’ degrees and I’m sick of summer, you name it and it’s made my Crank list big time.

So you’d think that a visit from Mr. Postman would be a big cheerer-upper, right? Especially when he brings YARN from GERMANY.

h12_17_foto_kl.jpgLet me backtrack a little. A few weeks ago a bunch of us went to KnitNY. We sat near the window where some knitted things were on display and one of them was this gorgeous wrap sweater from Rebecca.
softkid_p1.jpgWell, I had long admired that pattern and seeing it knit up in this beautiful color made me really fall in love with it. Amy did too, as she just bought the yarn there and then. But, it was almost $11 a skein (!) and they didn’t even have that lovely color.

softkid_p2.jpg They did have THIS lovely color but it was still a lot of money.

So I went home and did some research and found a great deal on that yarn ordered from Germany. By this time, I was in love with that rose, and ordered that. So, I finally got it today. And for a reason I just don’t know, they sent the wrong color. The color was marked correctly on my order and clearly wrong on the box. So, I should be totally disappointed, right? Especially since it would take forever to send back to Germany and get a replacement. And cost a lot, too, for shipping.

So, look what color they accidentally sent.
The beautiful green that they had on display at KnitNY. So, should I just take this as kismet? I was just MEANT to wear that delicate green? (I do, after all, wear and knit with a lot of green…) As much as love the rose color, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Opinions welcome.

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Well, I would do two things….I would keep it, for it is a nice colour, and one that will look good on you, and also reach out to the folks in Germany and point out their error. At best, you might get a discount on the right colour. I love them both. Really and truly.

I say, if you REALLY like the color you ended up with, be happy about it as a fortuitous circumstance (but still send a note or some such to the folks in Germany alerting them to their mistake, you never know what might happen). However, if you’re always going to wonder if you would have liked the other color better, then definitely at least check out what the place in Germany can do to help fix their mistake (but remember, you do like the color you got, so don’t get crazy if they make life difficult!). Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, that’s what I’d do! 🙂

Good luck!

Yes, I have emailed the store. I will see what they say, but at the same time, I am torn because I love both colors. (I do forgive them a little, as they have thrown in a tiny bag of gummy bears. You have to love them for that,)

my 2 cents: the rose color is pretty, but the green is really unusual and unique. it’s a very delicate sweater and i think the lighter color will show it to better advantage because the eye won’t be focused on so much deep pink.

Definite keeper there! The Fates have been kind to you!

The destiny has been kind to you! I personally love the green shade much more than the rosa one. Great yarn – and a wonderful pattern. I have that old Rebecca, too – and you reminded me that I also wanted to knit that pattern.

It’s a pretty green, I say keep it. There’s too much hassle involved with returns and waiting and such. A note to them about the wrong color order may lead to a discount. For my 2 cents, the green is much more wearable.

I agree with Lis! Beautiful colors either way and I would keep the green but let Germany know about the mix-up.

Hey–how come fate doesn’t treat me that way? I think the green is great, really soft and delicate, and will be more versatile and less trendy–not exactly the word I want but since pink is so hot now, soon it won’t be. I agree with the others, keep it if you still like it but let them know about the problem and give them a chance to give you a solution. A future discount would be lovely.

Definitely kismet! It’s a keeper. Knit up that lovely green, Ms. J!

Sounds like the Knit Goddess is trying to tell you something. You were destined to wear the green!

The softer shade of the green goes better with the soft look/drape of the sweater, I think. Though the rose is pretty, the green suits better.