How’s that for fast? I’d just posted the previous when I heard from my Belgian source. They have the color and are sending one over. Assuming the dye lot isn’t too far off, I’ll be OK. Whew!

Still would love to hear if anyone has some *just in case*.

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Good news! If you’re talking about that nice rust color, I love it. Perfect for autumn.

Is it Pegase or Phil Laine?

Phildar issues only two or three big dye lots per season, so differences are not too obvious. I’ve used different skeins in a single project and couldn’t even tell the difference, so you should be okay.

Lots of knitting intrigue here lately huh? So glad you found some yarn for that phildar sweater, it is just so beautiful! And as for the green soft kid, I think it will be just fabulous on you!

phew! glad to hear you tracked one down. and given what becky wrote about dye lots, it sounds like it will match nicely. i think it will help too that the only thing you need to knit is the band which is knit across so the difference in how the yarn lays will help mask any slight changes in colors.

*fingers crossed*

Glad that they had the yarn…and in mho, I think that a skein in a differenct dyelot for this project won’t matter too much. The pattern is textured and that will lend itself to “hiding” whatever discrepancy there is in the dyelot.