OK, who’s going? Looks like I’ll be there on Sat. the 16th. I want to see some knitbloggers!

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Looks like Iris, Em, Mindy, Staceyjoy, and I will be there too. (The Brooklyn contingent very well represented, as it should be!) We all have high hopes that we’ll get to pet some alpacas and nuzzle some angoras.

Hhhmmmm, maybe I could be persuaded…how are you getting there?

How lucky you are!
Here in France, we dont have any sheep-and-wool festival.
we only have some very small yarn markets where we can find mohair, and weaved or felted artefacs…..
20 years ago, we had many yarn labels, and yarn super-markets. Actually, we only have Bergère-de-France, Phildar, Anny-Blatt and Bouton-d’Or. It’s very frustrating!

i’ll see you there chica!! (you can expect claudia, silvia, leigh among others as well)

i’ve never been able to make it to an snb (brooklyn) but i’ll be up there…looking forward to meeting other city knitters!

I’m planning on being in Rhinebeck with Tara and Regina. Please look for us and say hello. We’ll do the same. BTW, I love your blog! Happy knitting and see you in 2 weeks.

I’ll be there! I hope we can all run into each other. I’d love to see you again and meet up with some other bloggers. And of course SHOP! 🙂