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Hmm! What should I do?

Posted by jackie blue on September 23rd, 2004

So I’ve been having one of those weeks. I’m busy with a thousand rounds of client revisions, a trip I was counting on was cancelled, it’s Fall now but it’s 82 friggin’ degrees and I’m sick of summer, you name it and it’s made my Crank list big time.

So you’d think that a visit from Mr. Postman would be a big cheerer-upper, right? Especially when he brings YARN from GERMANY.

h12_17_foto_kl.jpgLet me backtrack a little. A few weeks ago a bunch of us went to KnitNY. We sat near the window where some knitted things were on display and one of them was this gorgeous wrap sweater from Rebecca.
softkid_p1.jpgWell, I had long admired that pattern and seeing it knit up in this beautiful color made me really fall in love with it. Amy did too, as she just bought the yarn there and then. But, it was almost $11 a skein (!) and they didn’t even have that lovely color.

softkid_p2.jpg They did have THIS lovely color but it was still a lot of money.

So I went home and did some research and found a great deal on that yarn ordered from Germany. By this time, I was in love with that rose, and ordered that. So, I finally got it today. And for a reason I just don’t know, they sent the wrong color. The color was marked correctly on my order and clearly wrong on the box. So, I should be totally disappointed, right? Especially since it would take forever to send back to Germany and get a replacement. And cost a lot, too, for shipping.

So, look what color they accidentally sent.
The beautiful green that they had on display at KnitNY. So, should I just take this as kismet? I was just MEANT to wear that delicate green? (I do, after all, wear and knit with a lot of green…) As much as love the rose color, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Opinions welcome.

What is that weird thing?

Posted by jackie blue on September 19th, 2004

Well, it’s the start of a hood! I have to say, it took me about 5 tries to get that bottom shaping correct – increasing large number of stitches all at once is a new technique for me, but I think it looks pretty good. Rain yesterday and the Emmys tonight has helped move this progress along and if I can keep up the pace, I might have the hoodie just in time for the cool weather. We had a great taste of it yesterday and today. I actually shivered in the park this evening. Now it’s going back up into the 80s this week.

I still haven’t received my latest yarn order. Something tells me it will arrive in the next day or two, when I’m not home to receive the package. I can’t wait to get it though, and post the photo here. Even though I’m diligently working on this hoodie to get it done before anything else, I’m already planning my future projects *after* the next two coming up. I’m determined to make this a productive Fall.

Another day, another entry

Posted by jackie blue on September 13th, 2004

Well, thanks to a deadline extension, I was able to enjoy the part of the weekend I had free and join a 4.5 hour knitting session with Carolyn, Jenn, Lis, Amy, and some other lovely women. Jenn has a great photo of us up. Anyway, Carolyn is just what I expected – fun and very cool to hang out with! I agree with Jenn, visit us again soon, girl!

I got a good deal of my sleeve done and fondled some lovely yarn, but didn’t buy anything. That is, until I got home. I ordered some yarn but I think I will wait until it arrives to show it off.

Unfortunately though I had to work all day yesterday so knitting ended there. But I think some will get done at work today. It’s slow as molasses in January right now.

My first secret pal gift ever!

Posted by jackie blue on September 10th, 2004

Just came up from my mail room in the lobby with a box from my secret pal!! It arrived yesterday but the mail people here never ring you, they just stick it in our package room and I needed to wait till this morning to get it. But look what was inside!
This adorable tote is handmade from a placemat, and I have enough chocolate now to keep me satisfied for weeks. It even came in adorable sheep tissue paper. THANK YOU, Secret Pal!

No other news I’m afraid, I’m deep into client revisions and my social life is null and void. I’m planning a KnitNY outing tomorrow to hang with Carolyn and it’s so lovely out, I hope to get out with the pup too. And that’s all she wrote.