…because I thought that, well, I probably won’t have my hoodie finished for next weekend if the yarn doesn’t come in. So, I still would like to have something to wear on Sat. that I made for myself. Lisette will never be done in time, so – get out the stash and start the Lacy Poncho from Chicknits. I mean, it’s just lacy rectangles, right? I can have this done in less than a week, right?

WHAT AM I, SOME KIND OF CRAZY?? I’ve been knitting for 2 days and I only have half the first half. I mean, there’s just no way I’ll have this done by Friday if I plan on eating, sleeping, and working. But hey, it was fun trying. I’m using thicker wool than it calls for – Lionbrand Alpaka (a discontinued alpaca blend from a long ago Smiley’s hotel sale) and larger needles so I hoped it would go a little faster. But no.

Photo taken with my brand new digital camera, because when I’m not knitting, I’m usually out spending. No, there was nothing wrong with my old one. It was just, well, old for digital technology, and Jackie loves New Toys. Yes, insane.

6 Responses to “I must be insane”

I know the feeling! I do the same thing myself. Nice camera!!

I’m starting to think Rhinebeck is dangerous …

Oooh… pretty color. So you can spend $1000s on new toys (phone, ipod, camera) but you can’t come visit me? Hmmmmpphhh!

too funny

Mariko, you are so right.
Ayelet, you KNOW I’m gonna come out and see you. I just need a gadget fix every now and then.

Would this chant help: “GO Jackie, Go Jackie, GOOOOOOOO Jackie”??!!!