My mother taught me to knit when I was about 14 or 15, and now, far too many years later to name, we both still knit. I got her into Rowan patterns a couple of years ago and she just completed Posy from #35. This poor sweater was doomed from the start, as she had many episodes of frogging lines due to the complicated lace pattern. But, she persevered, even so far as to make long sleeves when it called for short. She finally finished the sweater the other day…only to wear it out to dinner Sunday night and have a waiter spill an entire glass of red wine all over it. I kid you not. She spent hours washing it off and using a Q-Tip with bleach to get the white trim white again. And she was able to save the sweater. She wore it to the office today.

mom_sweaterdetail.jpgAnd here’s a close up of the detail. It really is a beautiful sweater. And gave a very good use to all that 4 ply cotton I bought on Ebay last year.

As for me, well, the poncho continues, but some freelance work came in today, and I have tickets to Brian Wilson’s SMiLE at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night, so I think I just have to accept it’s not going to get done by Friday.

7 Responses to “Mom’s Latest”

Wow that is a fabulous lacy sweater. I would have cried if someone spilled wine on it. I am so glad to hear she was able to save it!

omg i don’t know what i would have done if that happened to me! mom does beautiful work (no surprise there) and i’m glad she was able to get all the wine out.

Did the waiter die from a heart attack?!? The sweater is really gorgeous and looks terribly complicated. Your mother is incredible!!

Gorgeous sweater and fantastic perseverance! I can imagine that if I’d put in that much work on a sweater, I’d be hanging out with a q-tip or two myself…ah, q-tips, I love them so!

beautiful lacework! what an amazing sweater. and i can’t believe the wine. so glad she was able to get it out.

Beautiful lacy sweater! And your mother is so glam…now I see where you get it from 🙂

Love the Mom Glam Shot!! Her sweater is absolutley beautiful…and I am glad it was not ruined by a rebelious glass of wine. (I had that happend to me in the latter part of August. I was wearing a white skirt, attending party. When it happened, my friend who was hosting the party, proclaimed, “why did you wear a white skirt.” GRRRRR)(wine came out)