rhinebeck.jpgFirst of all, YES, I finished the poncho! I worked my hands raw on Thurs. and Friday, made it shorter than the pattern called for, and had to change the neckline, but it was done!

We had a GREAT time up in Rhinebeck yesterday. Up at the crack of dawn to catch an early train to Katonah, Jenn and I had some relax time before meeting Amy and Sandi for the drive up to the festival. The weather held out (no rain!) and although we were chilly, it was a lovely day to be upstate.

I met a bunch of bloggers I “knew” but hadn’t met in person. Unfortunately with such a big crowd it’s hard to stay together so I didn’t get to speak much to them but it was nice to see everyone. I put up a small photo gallery here. For the first time in my picture taking life, I paid far more attention to people than scenery, so I didn’t get any shots of the gorgeous booths!

Now, as purchases go. I primarily wanted to get a lucet and accomplished that one right away. I also bought some fleece insoles to replace some worn out ones I have. I actually bought 2 pair of those, but one pair went right into my boots to help my very tired feet. Then I bought some GORGEOUS 100% alpaca, over a pound, in what Amy called “three shades of chocolate”. This stuff feels like heaven, no doubt about that. I also bought a gift for a certain secret pal. I won’t document that one here. But finally, the piece de resistance, from the fabulous Brooks Farm Fiber, this scrumptious kid mohair/wool blend. This is the most delicious yarn in the whole world. No, really. Look at it close up. I am so in love with this yarn that I may have to drop some other things to knit with it SOON. But, uh, do you think I need a ball winder now?

So after spending too much money and walking till my feet ached, I am looking forward to taking it easy today. I think I have a hoodie to finish!

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You looked great in your poncho yesterday! I realized after we went our separate ways that I forgot to tell you that. I think I was in a bit of a yarn daze. I bought some of that Brooks Farm duet too. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

KnitNY soon!

your poncho looks great and i love the flower accent. your needles must have been on fire blazin’ to the finish line. and those are just fantastic photos and great stash!

Sounds fun! I wish I could have made it…maybe next year. You poncho came out great….very nice.

What beautiful knits everyone is wearing– nice poncho! I love Maryland, but sheep and wool in the fall looks even more spectacular.

i saw you there and commented on the poncho, though i didn’t realize it was you! i can’t believe you finished it, it looked great!

Great seeing you at Rhinebeck! You ran into everyone. I didn’t even get to meet half the people. Thanks for sharing all the terrific pictures. 🙂

PS – Congrats on the 6 day poncho! It looked awesome in person.

ha! I think we bought the same colorway from Brooks Farm. Now what are the chances of that?!? Yes, you do need a ballwinder and a swift. Go for the cheap plastic ones and you won’t regret it. I bought a big wooden ball winder last year and it doesn’t work half as well as the little plastic one. Nice to see you!

great gallery dude.

Hi Jackie! Nice to meetcha this weekend.

Your poncho looks great, beautiful color! I’m drooling over your yarn purchases!

OMG… I love that picture of me on the train. I’m stealing it if you don’t mind.

I had so much fun! We need to hang out again soon.

I like your poncho. I was also at Rhinebeck to get a Lucet. I am glad they were in the same spot as last year. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you in person. I was only there for a few hours.

I *love* your pictures. I got to pet the albino angora (really I just wanted to squeeze it to death, but I don’t think that would’ve been acceptable). And your poncho is lovely. I wish I had run into you! Well, there’s always Knit NY.

woohoo! the 6 day poncho. i’m impressed and it looks fabulous! i think the length is perfect for you.

Thanks everyone!

Jenn, steal away, my photos are yours. (Note: this does not apply to just anyone. Please email me if you ever want to keep/use a photo I post on this site)

Kerstin, how funny if we picked the same exact colorway. Now I know who to beg if I run out 😉

Love your poncho! And I also went nuts over at Brooks Fiber Farm. I think I bought 10 hanks of their yarn…oops I forgot I also bought 2 more for my daughter. And I finished a shawl with some of their yarn today. I haven’t tallied my purchases yet and think I don’t want to know what the total is. I also bought alpaca and two cashmere kits. Oh and I bought a swift too. It was a great weekend.