I spent the better part of my down time at work yesterday learning how to use my new lucet and making a braid over and over. It took a few tries but I finally learned how to keep the tension and make an even cord. And man, I love this thing! But, alas, I decided that the cord it makes is just too thick for the purpose I needed this time – little ties for the front of my hoodie. So I ended up making the required chain stitch braids instead.
I have no doubt the lucet will come in handy though. I may use it to replace an icord band I have on another sweater. And I know it will make great straps for things.
Next up, blocking and a big old Seaming Party (tm Becky). Becks, pour me some Kirs, will ya? This is gonna be a long ride.

One Response to “The Braidy Bunch”

Wow that is a lot of lucet using! Too bad it is too thick to use. Have fun with the seaming party.