Yesterday Alison asked what everyone’s big fat obnoxious project was, and claimed the Pooling Scarf as hers. I was with her when she thought of this knitalong and eagerly jumped in. But I soon learned that many people were having problems getting the colors to pool, and my meager little attempts (two or three) to cast on wasn’t giving me great results so I put it aside for bigger, better projects.

So last night I decided to try one more time. And I cast on, started, ignored the first line not lining up since everyone else had the same problem, and lo and behold, we had poolage. It was going fine for an inch or so till I totally messed up the lace pattern and couldn’t fix it so I had to start over.
And then, it seemed to be pooling again. So I kept going. And well, it’s not the perfect stripes I’ve seen on others. And I’m fairly convinced it’s nothing I’ve done wrong, just some skeins of Anne pool better than others. My edge stripes are pretty good. My middle pink and green just want to intertwine no matter what I do.

And yet, there’s something I like about this. Maybe it’s better when it looks all watercolory, and not perfectly striped. I mean, if I want perfect stripes, I’ll knit with separate colored skeins, right? So, should I keep it going? Update: After posting this the colors stopped cooperating so I ripped it out. I started again a couple of times but no go. I’m now determined to get it right again. I should have left well enough alone!

6 Responses to “To Pool or Not to Pool”

why stop now? 🙂

i say keep going! i think it looks good…the watercolor look is pretty.

I love the watercolor-y look!

I started the Pooling Colors Scarf on Saturday and have about 7 inches done. I am really enjoying this project. I have found the key to be when I think I’m going to be a bit off, I’ll increase a stitch in the garter stitch on the edge bit and then remember to decrease it in the next row. I had to experiment a bit to get it going. I am down a needle size and have added an extra stitch to each selvedge from what the pattern recommends.

Wow, you got it to pool! It looked great. I hope you get it going again. I think that everyone has those little blurry color areas between two colors, it’s just that once you have a couple of feet of scarf the vertical lines are more overwhelming and you don’t see the blurring anymore. Good luck!

I think your colors look fantastic! Mine got a little screwy and I had to tie off but it’s working okay, I need up update my blog with a pic. I’m trying not to stress out about it too much. I hope it works out well for you the next time around. This is a beautiful scarf… when it works 🙂