Zee French Hoodie!
Here I am being silly and imitating the model in the magazine. But, I forgot she had the hood up, so here’s the gratuitous hood shot. (And no, I am not drunk in that shot. What do you expect from a self timer photo, anyway?)
And yes, I know there’s an end hanging from my sleeve. What, you think I waited till all the ends were woven in to post this?
I think this may become my favorite sweater.

30 Responses to “Voila!”

This sweater is GORGEOUS. You’ve done a really beautiful job. What’s the pattern?

Great sweater!

Fantabulous! It looks so amazing on you too. Congrats on finishing it.

Oh my gosh, that’s gorgeous. I love the color! And the cably goodness! And the hood! It looks just beautiful on you.

Love, Love, LOVE the cabling on your sweater. It’s gorgeous! I hope someday I can be as good a knitter as you.

Thanks for sharing!

It looks great. The fit and color are really flattering.

gorgeous sweater! amazing cables, great color and the fit is perfect! if i could knit that sweater, it would be my favorite too!

Oooh la la! That sweater is bee-you-ti-ful. It looks like the fit is spot-on, too. I’m turning green with envy over here! Really lovely.

Looks great, hanging end and all! You wear that color very well.

Great sweater! I love all the cables (of course). Great fit too. Congrats on a beautiful project.

GREAT job! the color really fits you well.

now i truly have hoodie envy 🙂

Beautiful work Ms. J. Blue. Love the colour, the cables,everything. Well done!

LOVE the sweater! I have sweater envy!

So cute and I love the color. Is this where I place my order for one for Christmas?

OMG that is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the cables….yum!

Yes, it looks great, even with the end hanging out. It is so fancy and detailed. Great job.

i think it may become MY favorite sweater as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

great job girlfriend. just lovely.

Wow — really gorgeous! What a great fit and the color is lovely. It’s easy to see why it could become a favor. Congratulations!

I LOVE it! It fits so beautifully. So will it now be all Lisette all the time?

Thank you everyone!

Jody, no need to be envious with your own hoodie in progress!

Ayelet, I’ll gladly make one for you for Christmas if you can wait till Christmas 2020.

Cari, you know I have short attention span – I worked on two things at once just at lunch on Friday! You can bet Lisette will still have to share time.

It’s beautiful!

Hey! I remember that sweater when it was just a little baby! Well done! Congrats!

Awesome! You look fabulous!

Ooh la la! Gorgeous!

Really, really nice! Wow. Enjoy it!

Wow, Jackie! It looks absolutely perfect. And it fits you so well. What an amazing job you did. I may have to make that one someday. It’s just too cool. Congrats on finishing it!

Wow!!! It looks great! Congratulations!

Wow, it looks fab! I’ve been watching this sweater from afar, but I’m scared of translating! Wish I could get an English version, I just love it!

The sweater looks great. I really like the color and the cables.

Very, very beautiful! I love all the cables, too. Well done.