So, thank you all for your wonderful comments and email about the hoodie! I’m loving it already, it’s the perfect Fall sweater for sitting in the dog run on chilly nights. It’s getting a lot of use this week.

Now, with that big one behind me, and Lisette still in progress, and the Rhinebeck stuff still in hanks till my new winder and swift arrive (tomorrow, I think!) – my attentions have turned to finding my mother a new project to do. She’s a great knitter but not such a great web surfer (ha, hi Mom) and she doesn’t have a good LYS so she can’t just go peruse yarn and patterns easily unless she visits me. So I spent most of my downtime on Tuesday at work looking for a great sweater she can knit for her oldest great granddaughter, who’s 4. The best sweater I found, which I love, is Boo from an older Knitty. But all that Noro!! Unless you’re pretty well off, that’s a lot of money to spend on a little child’s sweater. True, she has a younger sister so it could be cast off. But it’s at least $130 to make that one. Yikes.

So, does anyone know of any really happy fun colored patterns for little girls? I know Phildar is good for that but alas, my mother isn’t going to knit in French, and I don’t know that I feel like translating.

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what about some of the jill eaton/minnow knits stuff?

This could be a bit of a wacky suggetion, but what about “boo” in a different yarn — a bunch of shades of Mission Falls Cotton or maybe something fun (and so economical!) by Berrocco. There are a lot of possible yarns in that gauge so you could mix and match for different parts of the sweater.

what about monkeysuits? “electric smock” is cheery, and there are a few cute cardigans there. they seem like quick knits too.

How about rainbow dying some good-old merino wool with some acid dyes, or kool aid… kids love colour… or just make boo in a solid colour with the ruffles in different colours. My niece will be 4 in a few months and she just LOVES! anything pink…

have fun

miss bea books have some really cute patterns.

I agree re: the Monkeyknits. They have some insanely cute patterns.

Check Berrocco’s site for free patterns.