for the help on the kid’s sweater. Minnow Knits is a great suggestion and I’m going to look at them. Miss Bea’s has great stuff too but I think it’s more for the younger kids in the family since 4 is their top size and I’d like a little longer shelf life.

What I think we might do though is make Boo after all, but with Kureyon instead of Silk Garden, which is not only slightly cheaper (and less fragile) but also allows us to find a much cheaper solid wool for the ruffles instead of the insanely priced Cash Iroha. Then if the trim is wool it won’t be such a contrast from a silky body. And cheaper, and more rugged.

Now for my stuff. I think I have given up trying to pool that scarf with the hank of Anne I’ve been working with. It’s just dyed too unevenly. I will make another scarf with that Anne, and I might try pooling again with a second hank, if my swift and winder would just arrive today as I hope! I’m also really anxious to start working with my Brooks Farm mohair.

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