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The Braidy Bunch

Posted by jackie blue on October 20th, 2004

I spent the better part of my down time at work yesterday learning how to use my new lucet and making a braid over and over. It took a few tries but I finally learned how to keep the tension and make an even cord. And man, I love this thing! But, alas, I decided that the cord it makes is just too thick for the purpose I needed this time – little ties for the front of my hoodie. So I ended up making the required chain stitch braids instead.
I have no doubt the lucet will come in handy though. I may use it to replace an icord band I have on another sweater. And I know it will make great straps for things.
Next up, blocking and a big old Seaming Party (tm Becky). Becks, pour me some Kirs, will ya? This is gonna be a long ride.

Rhinebeck Review

Posted by jackie blue on October 17th, 2004

rhinebeck.jpgFirst of all, YES, I finished the poncho! I worked my hands raw on Thurs. and Friday, made it shorter than the pattern called for, and had to change the neckline, but it was done!

We had a GREAT time up in Rhinebeck yesterday. Up at the crack of dawn to catch an early train to Katonah, Jenn and I had some relax time before meeting Amy and Sandi for the drive up to the festival. The weather held out (no rain!) and although we were chilly, it was a lovely day to be upstate.

I met a bunch of bloggers I “knew” but hadn’t met in person. Unfortunately with such a big crowd it’s hard to stay together so I didn’t get to speak much to them but it was nice to see everyone. I put up a small photo gallery here. For the first time in my picture taking life, I paid far more attention to people than scenery, so I didn’t get any shots of the gorgeous booths!

Now, as purchases go. I primarily wanted to get a lucet and accomplished that one right away. I also bought some fleece insoles to replace some worn out ones I have. I actually bought 2 pair of those, but one pair went right into my boots to help my very tired feet. Then I bought some GORGEOUS 100% alpaca, over a pound, in what Amy called “three shades of chocolate”. This stuff feels like heaven, no doubt about that. I also bought a gift for a certain secret pal. I won’t document that one here. But finally, the piece de resistance, from the fabulous Brooks Farm Fiber, this scrumptious kid mohair/wool blend. This is the most delicious yarn in the whole world. No, really. Look at it close up. I am so in love with this yarn that I may have to drop some other things to knit with it SOON. But, uh, do you think I need a ball winder now?

So after spending too much money and walking till my feet ached, I am looking forward to taking it easy today. I think I have a hoodie to finish!

Late to the party

Posted by jackie blue on October 15th, 2004

Look what decided to show up today!
Unfortunately there’s no way I can knit a 275 stitch band, crochet 6 close ties, and seam up an entire hooded sweater by a reasonable hour tonight. If only it was one day earlier….GRRRR.

See you all in Rhinebeck!

Mom’s Latest

Posted by jackie blue on October 13th, 2004

My mother taught me to knit when I was about 14 or 15, and now, far too many years later to name, we both still knit. I got her into Rowan patterns a couple of years ago and she just completed Posy from #35. This poor sweater was doomed from the start, as she had many episodes of frogging lines due to the complicated lace pattern. But, she persevered, even so far as to make long sleeves when it called for short. She finally finished the sweater the other day…only to wear it out to dinner Sunday night and have a waiter spill an entire glass of red wine all over it. I kid you not. She spent hours washing it off and using a Q-Tip with bleach to get the white trim white again. And she was able to save the sweater. She wore it to the office today.

mom_sweaterdetail.jpgAnd here’s a close up of the detail. It really is a beautiful sweater. And gave a very good use to all that 4 ply cotton I bought on Ebay last year.

As for me, well, the poncho continues, but some freelance work came in today, and I have tickets to Brian Wilson’s SMiLE at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night, so I think I just have to accept it’s not going to get done by Friday.