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No knitting, just a cute face

Posted by jackie blue on October 11th, 2004

This squinty little Ty face is for Ayelet, who asked me to take new pics of him. It’s his favorite cubbyhole in between the sofa and chair.

I must be insane

Posted by jackie blue on October 10th, 2004

…because I thought that, well, I probably won’t have my hoodie finished for next weekend if the yarn doesn’t come in. So, I still would like to have something to wear on Sat. that I made for myself. Lisette will never be done in time, so – get out the stash and start the Lacy Poncho from Chicknits. I mean, it’s just lacy rectangles, right? I can have this done in less than a week, right?

WHAT AM I, SOME KIND OF CRAZY?? I’ve been knitting for 2 days and I only have half the first half. I mean, there’s just no way I’ll have this done by Friday if I plan on eating, sleeping, and working. But hey, it was fun trying. I’m using thicker wool than it calls for – Lionbrand Alpaka (a discontinued alpaca blend from a long ago Smiley’s hotel sale) and larger needles so I hoped it would go a little faster. But no.

Photo taken with my brand new digital camera, because when I’m not knitting, I’m usually out spending. No, there was nothing wrong with my old one. It was just, well, old for digital technology, and Jackie loves New Toys. Yes, insane.

Pegase Watch

Posted by jackie blue on October 8th, 2004

Still no lonely skein of Phildar from Belgium. I’m starting to worry that I will have nothing to wear to Rhinebeck! I’ll have to go in STORE BOUGHT CLOTHES. Seriously, I can’t think of a single thing I have knit that is weather appropriate for early Fall. It’s all summer and winter around here. Except for an old cable sweater that is one of those loose. long sweaters we wore back in the mid 90s. Ewww.

A shout out to my Secret Pal who sent a lovely card and a great poem featuring knitting. Thank you, it was so sweet!

I did finish the back of Lisette today and although I highly doubt I can have *that* one done in a week, I do think she’s going to go faster than I first feared.

False Alarm

Posted by jackie blue on October 6th, 2004

last_minute.jpg I got really excited when a package came today, I thought it was my missing Phildar skein to finish my hoodie. But no, it was this.
If it can’t be yarn, at least it’s a book about yarn, and from the owner of one of my favorite yarn stores. It’s a really pretty book and there’s some very cute gift ideas in it. I think I will make some things for Christmas/whatever holiday, but who knows, I have bigger eyes than I do hands and time.