giraffe_11_01.jpgI’ll confess that I was never that much of a politics fiend, but I am really wound up, nervous about tomorrow. I will let Theresa speak for me with her brilliant post today. As that’s as much politics as I will post for now. But my anxiety coupled with my lack of desire to go out much lately is certainly turning out some conforting things. I started this Friday night with that lovely Brooks Farm mohair I got at Rhinebeck. This is some incredibly beautiful stuff.
And I turned down various invitations to do anything for Halloween this year (usually I’m in the Village Halloween Parade with friends) and stayed home last night, imprisoned by the crowds out my door (I live on the parade route, appletart.jpgsomething like 2 million people attended/participated) and instead, made some apple tarts and big pot of Greenmarket Vegetable Soup. I”ll tell ya, anxiety is pretty luxurious around here.

2 Responses to “Anxiety = Productivity”

I’m coming over RIGHT NOW! Save me some of that. T-biologist is speaking for me too!

Holy speed knitter batman!