I have few words today. I woke up feeling hit by a truck and I think that feeling is going to stick around for awhile. But I do take heart in the fact that if I have to live in this country (something that is definitely up for debate in my head), then at least I live in a state that wholeheartedly supported Kerry. Now if we would just secede.

As if in solidarity, my car died this morning.

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One more vote for secession (imagine weak attempt at smile here). Hang in there – we’re not alone.

Looks like a lot of people got hit by same truck. *sigh*

The Brooks Farm mohair is incredible. I love the colors, and I think having a simple pattern definitely emphasizes them.

Just because Kerry carried the ec-votes, doesn’t mean that NY ‘wholeheartedly’ supported him. There really are people who voted Republican in NY City. I’m proud to say I supported our President, even though I voted straight Dem the rest of the way. Now our country needs to pull together, because it’s all over and there’s no more Kerry to pass the buck to. Pull together, guys!

how much do you think rent is in vancouver?

I’m sorry that you’re feeling so sad–but don’t leave the country! 🙂

Ice cream. Chocolate. Knitting. And love on little Ty.

Lapsed, you are correct. Perhaps I should have said “city” or even moreso, “community”. I know that as I stood in line to vote yesterday morning, I stood with many many like minded individuals as myself, and I still take comfort in that.

I’m very disappointed too….

And my hot water went out. Sigh. Are you working today? I am. At least my officemate is liberal–though I just found out I’m more liberal than he is, at least on certain subjects. That was a strange conversation.

oh yes. at least maryland stuck with him…

I am thankful for that ONE thing! I feel you and your car’s pain.

I feel your pain. I have felt sick all day. After honeymooning in Canada, it’s tempting to move. We have to stick together (no pun intended) and fight for our democracy. I’m glad to be from a state that went for Kerry too, Illinois. And remember Kerry will be in the Senate four more years!

We have to fight to show the world that we do value the differences that make our country special. If we are just thumbing our noses at the world.

As tempting as it is to leave, we must stay and fight the good fight!

To “Lapsed Democrat”: I cannot understand you. Your country needs to support values like democracy, not “pull together” with a dumb president. He should read your constitution (can he read?). What he stands for is moralism. He speaks of moral values and makes his money with the family of Bin Laden. He doesn’t acceprt abortion, homosexuality and the needs of minority because his brain is too limited for it.
I feel sad even if I don’t leave in the Us.

Well, I guess this means I’m staying over here for another four years!

I whole heartedly agree with you on this account. I cried at work that day.
That ribby cardi is so good! I want to make one! It is just my style.