So yeah, OK, it’s been a busy week. Working during the day and being pretty social at night. I had some really fun evenings with the visiting Carolyn along with appearances by Em and Jenn and a cameo by Cari. There was no knitting involved (!) but plenty of merriment.

And the knitbloggers fun doesn’t stop there! Tomorrow Alison will be in town and a bunch of us will gather – warning, I hear knitting may be involved.

Throw in some birthdays, another friend in town for one night, and a mah jongg game, and whew – I’ve been busy.
giraffe_11_12.jpg But here’s a gratuitous knitting shot –
this is the front, back, and one third of a sleeve. And see that little bit of yarn still left? THIS IS ALL ONE HANK of that Brooks Farm mohair. Hello? I BOUGHT THREE. It’s quite apparent now that I will have an abundance of this yarn left over. Not a big deal, as I love working with it and I’m sure I’ll find uses. But man, I wish at least the third hank was a different colorway. Who knew it would go this far?

4 Responses to “Where ya been? Not knitting, that’s for sure…”

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I hope we get to see this yummy Brooks farm sweater in person. (One skein – wow!)

Oh good! That means my two skeins are enough to make the cardi I’m using that stuff for.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

d*mn. one hank? one hank?
really I am impressed, besides it’s got great color.

Don’t be a stranger! 🙂

That yarn looks like candy! I bet it’s soft as can be, too.