I had such a lovely week cavorting with various knitbloggers over food, beer, coffee, and knitting. Here are the photos for proof. Sorry I missed a couple of people here and there.

Carolyn at the bar

Em and Cari at KnitNY

Jenn at the bar

Iris and adorable daughter talk to Em and Cari

Jackie (no, not me)

Jackie and Alison, with Valentina on right, and Jenn’s hair

And last night I got to spend a few precious hours with one of my best friends, AWOL from NY for almost a year.

Really, with so many wonderful people around me, how can anything be bad?

6 Responses to “Warning, many photos ahead”

Eeek!!! Baby, that’s a blackmail photo of me!!!

Ah well. Great to see you yesterday.

great pics!

“Is that what my hair looks like from the back?” (Did you catch the HP reference, Jenn?!) Seriously, best picture ever of my hair. And Jenn’s hair is always photo-worthy!

I had an awesome time! Thanks so much for making it lots of fun and totally worth the trip down. So bummed that I missed Carolyn (and the bar antics) though. 🙁

A bar? And knitting? Damn, I would have SO been there if I were in NYC!

Hugs to all my fave knitbloggers. [And how cute is Jenn in her pink hair????]

Ugh… must you have posted the worst photo ever taken of me in my LIFE?

It was great seeing you, too (though brief!).

dude seriously. you’ve got to post again to get that horrible my bangs are all strung out on their own yucky picture down a bit from the top. god i always regret it when i wear my hair “down” – it seems fine in person but it looks terrible in pictures. (hey if everyone else is complaining about their pictures, i can too)