Meet Modified Giraffe.
Modified because I changed the side shaping a bit, made it 3 inches shorter, and used a lighter gauge (but not by much) yarn. I am kicking myself though, because even though it was a lighter gauge, I knit the smallest size. Does it fit? Sure. Anything with ribs will stretch out to tomorrow. Does it fit the way I would have liked it? Well, not really. Unless I’m going for 50’s pin-up style, this is an awfully tight sweater. And on my winter curves…yikes! I’d better not eat too much tomorrow. Will I wear this tomorrow as planned? It’s anyone’s guess.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thank you for reading my blog, sending wonderful comments and email, and for those of you I am lucky enough to be friends with, for being my friend.

16 Responses to “OK, so it sorta fits, but…”

Hey there, Sweater Girl! (insert wolf whistle here)

It looks great on you

I think it looks awesome on you! The fitted look works with the shorter length. I LOVE ribs!

It looks great on you! And you have great curves! Happy Thanksgiving!

don’t know what you’re talkin’ ’bout willis — i think it looks GREAT. i say “you’ve got it – fucking show it off”. the one good thing about weight gain = cleavage. the bad thing about weight gain = cleavage fucking hurts when you’re used to teeny boobs.

happy thanksgiving to you… 🙂 hope to see ya again soon.

looks great! love the color and the fit. you look fabulous in it.


It looks GREAT!

Happy T.Day!!

Woohoo! You look amazing! Don’t worry about winter curves because no one will notice. I say show it off!

I love it! Very sexy! Maybe it’ll stretch out a bit so you feel more comfortable, but believe me, it already looks great on you.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Oh, no way! It looks great! Not too tight looking at all!..And like Evelyn said, it looks good a little shorter with the fit that it has..Loverly =)

I LOVE IT!!! Damn, that is one sexy-looking sweater. Sure wish I had some of those winter curves! If you don’t want ’em, send ’em over, chica.

Ditto the wolf whistle! It’s beautiful on you – you remind me of the way my beee-outeous niece looks, and she says exactly the same things about ribbing. Very pretty. I love that funnel/hood, too.

It looks freakin’ fantastic, Jackie. For real! I guess if the yarn has no memory it will stay stretched and then continue to grow, so maybe with a few wearings you’ll feel more comfortable with it, but seriously? You are the hotness right now. Enjoy your turkey!

hope you’re wearing it — it looks great! happy thanksgiving, and enjoy!

Hello! I found your website through Becky’s Fluffa! and I love your giraffe? What kind of yarn and color way is that? I absolutely must have some for me!

The sweater looks awesome and I think I want to knit it now too.

I’ve been looking at this for a whle and the only thing I can come up with is “va-va-voom”, but it didn’t seem an appropriate comment. But what the heck, everyone seems to be in consensus. VA-VA-VOOM. Wear it!

I love it! The combination of demure collar with clingy body? (The collar says no, but the body says yes!) It’s great.