You betcha. And putting it on and taking it off several times before actual Thanksgiving wearing did stretch it out some. And now, I love love love it. Except it sheds a LOT. Here’s evidence:
giraffetgiving.jpg Yes I know my eyes are closed. It’s the only one I have, till family sends me what they took. I can’t stand flash in my eyes and close them almost every time. I just can’t control it!

So my next project was supposed to be with the alpaca I bought in Rhinebeck but I haven’t wound it up yet, or really decided what it will be, and the Ribby Cardi pattern was just lying around, with the yarn, so hey. I had to start that, right?
Mmm. Sure is PINK.

Well, tonight is a movie going night and tomorrow I may have to go back up to New Rochelle to get the car that I left there on Thurs. (long story involving a transmission and my lack of desire to drive it home) and then work takes over, so I’ll be back in a few days!

9 Responses to “So did I wear it?”

How could you NOT wear it? It is lovely on and off!!

Love the tights btw!! And, now I want a glass of wine!!!

Awesome! And even with your eyes closed, that’s a gorgeous picture of you!

Your Giraffe came out soooo pretty! You look great in it.

That is such a cute picture of you and Ty! Yep, even with your eyes closed. Sweater looks great. Better not bring it with you when you come over here or I’ll snatch it outta your suitcase!

That is one gorgeous sweater, girl! Love the colors. It turned out fantastic!

The sweater looks great on you and I love the colors. And hey, isn’t tight the new baggy? Ha ha.

Glad you had a nice holiday!

If YOU are not a PinUp Girl – who is?! 🙂 You are Adorable (and so is your sweater!!!)

I also am swooning over the PINK ribby – oohla La, Jackie!

Wow, it looks so great! The color is just beautiful!

And that Ribby Cardie is looking delicious too! What a yummy pink!

My last thought, as I die: is Ty tiny, or is the glass gigantic?