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Where ya been? Not knitting, that’s for sure…

Posted by jackie blue on November 12th, 2004

So yeah, OK, it’s been a busy week. Working during the day and being pretty social at night. I had some really fun evenings with the visiting Carolyn along with appearances by Em and Jenn and a cameo by Cari. There was no knitting involved (!) but plenty of merriment.

And the knitbloggers fun doesn’t stop there! Tomorrow Alison will be in town and a bunch of us will gather – warning, I hear knitting may be involved.

Throw in some birthdays, another friend in town for one night, and a mah jongg game, and whew – I’ve been busy.
giraffe_11_12.jpg But here’s a gratuitous knitting shot –
this is the front, back, and one third of a sleeve. And see that little bit of yarn still left? THIS IS ALL ONE HANK of that Brooks Farm mohair. Hello? I BOUGHT THREE. It’s quite apparent now that I will have an abundance of this yarn left over. Not a big deal, as I love working with it and I’m sure I’ll find uses. But man, I wish at least the third hank was a different colorway. Who knew it would go this far?

Back to knitting

Posted by jackie blue on November 7th, 2004

Yesterday my mother came in for a day of yarn shopping. She wanted to get yarn to make a sweater for Chani, her oldest great grandchild, and we were still stuck on Boo though we thought we might look at books for other ideas as well. So, where does one go for a good selection in this cramped city? Well, I’d never been to Seaport Yarn. What better time to explore?

Wow, what a place. Rooms and rooms of gorgeous yarn in an office building that doesn’t look like it would have a thing to with anything other than finances. We spent at least 2 hours there, if not more. We looked at the Noro over and over. We looked at books for a more affordable substitute. (After all, both my mother and I can spend a fortune on yarn but for a 4 year old that will quickly grow out of it? It seemed excessive.) We looked and we looked but when it came down to it, Boo still won and my mother bought all the Silk Garden she needed, but we subbed in Debbie Bliss Merino DK for the Cash Iroha ruffles and trim. I think it will be gorgeous.

I showed amazing restraint there and didn’t buy a thing. But, when I got home, I succumed to Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool sale, and bought this combo for a future Ribbed Cardi.

Everyone’s doing it! I don’t think I’ll get to this one so soon but it will be waiting for me.

And for my current project, well, it looks like I should have a deliciously soft ribbed turtleneck in time for Thanksgiving.


Posted by jackie blue on November 3rd, 2004

I have few words today. I woke up feeling hit by a truck and I think that feeling is going to stick around for awhile. But I do take heart in the fact that if I have to live in this country (something that is definitely up for debate in my head), then at least I live in a state that wholeheartedly supported Kerry. Now if we would just secede.

As if in solidarity, my car died this morning.

Go John, Go John, Go John!

Posted by jackie blue on November 2nd, 2004