I may have been too busy and scattered to post this week, but not too busy to get some evening knitting time in. I finished the back of the Ribby Cardi, and to break up the monotony of Pepto-Bismol pink, I started on a sleeve.
I’m enjoying this knit as I did the last one, because the rib is not quite as boring as St St, but it allows for a lot of mindless TV viewing.
Today I’m meeting my knitting gals and should have a nice break from working way too much (and earning way too little but that’s another rant).

5 Responses to “Cardi party”

Wow Jackie, that is coming along nicely. I am liking your colour choices!

Ah, mindless knitting in front of the TV…one of life least guilty pleasures!

One more package of goodies to come, at which time my identity will be revealed–oh, the drama!

That’s going to be one gorgeous cardi. I love those colors.

great colours…i’m itching to buy that wool from elann.

Oooh, pink, great color! I wish I could justify buying some of that wool from elann. Is it real soft or more on the scratchy side?