I know I’ve been bad about updating lately, but I have been doing some knitting, I swear. Here’s what I have of the Ribby Cardi so far. That’s a back, one sleeve, and part of a front piece.
Work has taken over the last few days but I am sneaking in some stitches when I can.
merino.jpgThe gift giving season has also snuck up on me and luckily (or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it) my family and friends don’t usually do the big gift giving extravaganza. Sure, the kids get something (my mother made that gorgeous Boo sweater, photos soon) and I’ll exchange with my mom and I like to make some things for friends if I can. Well, this morning I acquired this merino from Morehouse which is destined to become a chunky, quickie scarf for my dog walker. No other knit gifts are planned yet (haha, can you say procrastination?) but it’s not out of the question.

4 Responses to “Cardi Collage”

The cardi colors are so great! You gonna make that morehouse yarn pool? ;0)

Totally love how your ribby cardi is coming together. You’re just flying on that project! I wish my Peruvian Wool would get here already. You’re giving me ribby cardi envy!

Woo! So how much yarn did the sleeve take–are you going to have enough, do you think?

Happened upon your site today. What a treat! I just ordered my yarn for the Cardi. Now, after seeing yours I can’t wait you to get started.