You’d think I’d be tired of 2×2 rib by now. (I am.) Well, this chunky scarf is about 2/3 done and will probably be finished tonight. I tried to do a garter like the Morehouse folks had on display but my garter was coming out way too tight (I used size 13 needles, as my 17s are round and have far too little needle shaft, I hate them – they are clunky to use and the short needle is impossibly stubborn to get stitches back on when they’ve veered off to the cord). And then I tried a drop stitch/garter pattern which was pretty, but I think way too girly for the recipient – and so I stuck with a chunky rib that I will probably fringe for a little girliness. It’s quite thick and I hope blocking will keep it from being too bunched and not drapey enough.
I have another skein to make another scarf gift at some point (not sure yet for who) so – what stitch do people like best with extra chunky yarn?

6 Responses to “Chunk o’Ribs”

Love those colors! Abd they didn’t pool. ;0) Of course I’m all for 2×2 ribbing. I also like moss stitch and stockinette for chunky yarn – nothing too complicated.

Fisherman’s rib looks nice with seriously chunky yarn. I did a scarf in the bulky Blue Sky Alpaca in fisherman’s rib on size 17s — came out great!

i was wondering where you were. i think moss always does look cool in chunky. or get a different pair of 17s 🙂 i have straight brittany’s that i enjoy and they are great for whipping up scarves. i love how that colorway is coming out, i think i have the same one stuffed in one of the stash drawers!

I agree- moss stitch looks good in chunky yarn.

I love how moss stitch looks but I find it tedious in big projects. I love the idea of fisherman’s rib!

i’m for seed stitch (same as moss?) i have a big wool in that stitch that i have worn to pieces. great colors. that’s going to be a fantastic gift.