I admit it, I’ve been scatterbrained lately. I’m lucky I can even finish a project and remember to post about it now and then. I’m convinced sometimes that I am losing my mind. Stuff keeps disappearing in my apt. No, no one is stealing things. But I think I’m throwing things away. Things I need, like computer parts and flatware. Oh, the flatware story. It’s too sad to tell. Let us just say, I think some brain cells are missing too. And I don’t like it.

But, I did finish that chunky ribbed scarf and I decided for the next one I would try garter again on those dreaded 17s. This time I stuck with it. And it’s kinda cool, this weird semi pooling (hi Alison) flow of colors that remind me of a lily pond.
Both scarves came out too short. The garter one will stretch out but I fear the ribbed scarf (a gift) will have to be worn short. It’s OK I think, it’s too chunky to be 6 feet long. Anyway, the garter scarf is staying with me. I decided I needed an extra warm scarf for this winter we’re having. Oh wait, it’s been in the 60s. Well, it will get cold someday.
So my mother finished that Boo sweater. Isn’t it darling?? I wish I made this sweater myself. I wish I had a little girl just so I can give it to her and see it every day. Well, the recipient and her parents loved it. She’s the older one in this photo. See the little one though? Recognize that dress? If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ll remember that Guernsey and that I made it for the older one when she was 2. Now the little one wears it, though it’s a little big. Here’s another shot of that cutie.
And that’s not all I have to report. Friday the mailman buzzed with a package and I thought it might be my final SP3 gift (yes, that ended and yes, I’ll report on both my pals but for now, I’m still supposed to be getting one more thing) but instead I got a lovely surprise from one slim bunny. Look here! Some really pretty Plassard yarn in a fuzzy pale blueish gray. I have such great knitting pals.

OK, I think that’s it for my report. In the morning I have computer issues, a long work day, and wondering if I’ll be able to find my head to look forward to. Should be some day.

3 Responses to “A Hodgepodge of Stuff”

The colors in your scarf are so nice and springtimey! And Boo…wow! Hats off to your mom!

I am definitely losing my mind as well. Maybe my stuff is over at your place? I’ll check here for your stuff.

Hi Jackie! Very neat pooling – sort of zig zag stripes.

Boo is so sweet and that little dress is darling! Those are some lucky girls to have you two knitting for them. 🙂

Oh, the cuteness. And I mean the kids as well as the knitwear.

I too am seriously scatterbrained. More than usual.