Earlier this year, I noticed a number of pieces of my flatware missing. It was a gorgeous set from Pottery Barn but tarnished easily, so they didn’t look at that great anymore, and the loss of pieces prompted my mother to gift me with a whole new set. From PB again. It took me a lot of looking at various places to find a set I loved.

SO I LOST ANOTHER FORK the other day. It pains me that I think I’m losing my mind. I don’t know how I lose things in my apartment, and yet, never lose an umbrella outside or anything. I can only guess that in frenziness of cleaning, I have thrown it out accidentally.

I cried over my stupidity and an incomplete, fairly new set. I really hoped they still had that pattern because it was never on the web site and things change so quickly there.

So yesterday I ran down there. They had it!! But I asked if they could order
me one replacement fork so I don’t have to buy a $45 place setting for one
piece. They don’t do that!! Which is really stupid.

But the guy tells me they keep a box of stuff that used to be on display and isn’t being used. He went down to check. He came back up and gave me the exact fork I needed, no charge.

Happy happy happy.

Oh yeah, knitting. Between work and holiday parties, you’d wonder when I have time. Well I finished one front piece of the Ribby Cardi, and since I had a dr. appt. this morning 2 blocks from School Products, I had to stop there to fondle yarn. I didn’t buy any, but I did buy 2 size 2 Addi Turbo needles. Why would I need 2 of the same size? Well, to knit SOCKS of course. Yes Cari, you read right. I had never knit socks on 2 circs before but Cari convinced me to try, and I had some Regia sitting around for like 2 years.

So tomorrow I’ll meet my gals at 1:00 and who knows what project will come with me. Might be a sock. Might be a cardi panel. Might be both.

7 Responses to “Angels at Pottery Barn”

Oh, I wish I could join you all and see what you’re knitting!

Bring the sock! Bring the sock!

What good fortune at Pottery Barn. I like when people who work at stores are generous like that.

I was wondering if you take utensils with you to work, and leave them there. I do that.

That would make sense, Em, but no. My utensils never leave the house. I think I must throw them out in a take out container because I’m not paying attention.

Yeah and Hurrah for the nice Pottery Barn guy! I think your utensils are going to the place where my knitting books are hiding…

Your package is (finally!) on it’s way and should arrive Monday/Tuesday at the latest. Cheers!

socks! socks! socks!

See you at one!

What a cool PB guy.

I have to ask: did you choose your doctor because the office is near School Products? ‘Fess up!

Oh, dear; my niece used to do that as a child, take coffee spoons to school with lunch and forget them. Sigh. I threw out a great pie-lifter once; I used it to serve take-out pizza one night, left it in the box, and cleaned up too quickly. Waaaah!