Today my buzzer rang and it was the mailman. Mail on Sunday?? I guess it’s for the holidays. So he gives me a box the final gift from my not-so-secret Secret Pal, Anita. Just look what she gave me!!
I was floored, really, what a great gift! The yarn is yummy, the cookies some of my favorites, the tea and cups are perfect and the book is great. And Ty loved his squeaky toy. I swear he is sleeping next to it now. Secret Pals 3 ended on Dec. 4 so I’ve known Anita’s identity since then but she told me one more thing was coming and although I almost waited till Friday to open it, I couldn’t hold back. Thank you Anita, for being a great Secret Pal!

The recipient of my gifts, Audrey, was fun to shop for and she was always gracious in her thank yous. The whole thing was a lot of fun.

So, I haven’t done much further on the ribby cardi. I started the second front piece on Friday during our drafty table session, but I got distracted. See why? Those girls are such an influence on me.

(By the way, I have 2 extra 12″ Addi Turbo needles, size 2 (3mm). Don’t ask. I bought the wrong size by accident from a place that doesn’t accept returns, and I already HAD size 2’s anyway. If anyone wants to buy a pair, email me. I give good price!)

8 Responses to “Secret Pals and socks”

The sock fits! I knew it would… Looks great.

Wow, your sock is looking great! Hope you’re enjoying it!

where on earth did you find 12″ addi’s? nowhere around me does anyone sell them. (that was incredibly ungramatically correct. pardon me.) and wow, w hat a generous secret pal! i cant wait until the next one starts 🙂

Yay you are knitting socks, hope you get addicted, he he he.

Awesome sock! And are those two circs you’re using. Wow!

Great looking socks there–I’m about to make my first foray into the two circs method. Thanks for the inspiration and I’m glad that you like the gifts! Merry Xmas!

That sock looks fabulous! I wish I had the will power to knit a pair of socks. I’m awful at it; I’ll knit one and never get around to the second. And that’s why I admire sock knitters 🙂

Hehehe. Another sock victim. Hehehehe.
I’d like that needle, please! I was looking for 12″ 3mm circs!