what’s the rest of the year going to be like?

I guess I should be happy I wasn’t electrocuted and will found out.

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I hope you’re alright. Glad you didn’t set your apartment on fire. That would be something I would do.

Hope the rest of the New Year treats you better.

No, no, no…see this means you got the worst of it out of the way right away, and the worst wasn’t so bad.

But dude, that sucks. Did it kill whatever was plugged into it?


I agree with Cari: get the worst of it over right quick.

yo, ben franklin, settle down over there! 🙂

Yikes–what the hell happened?

Carolyn’s comment cracks me up.

Scary looking! Glad you’re alright. Let’s have no more of that, ‘kay?

Holy Burned Outlet, Miss J! I’m so happy that nothing happened to you. But what in the world caused that???

Thanks everyone for your concern! I’m fine. What happened was that I turned on this old lamp on my table and it didn’t go on so I bent down to see if the plug had loosened and when I touched the plug, POP!!! That happened. Scared the shit out of me. It knocked out that outlet and one in my kitchen, so now I hope my super can fix it (the circuit breaker isn’t off and flipping it doesn’t help….arrrgh)

Glad you didn’t injure yourself, and I think the rest of the year is going to be, you know, electrifying.

yikes, yeah glad you just found it and didn’t get zapped.