Forgive the lack of knitting content lately, I seem to be starting the year full of calamities. Last night another lamp mishap – related to the first mishap, this time a lightbulb shattered in my hand from twisting too tight and it’s now stuck, broken, in the lamp socket so I am sitting in the dark. Waiting for my super to fix my outlets, hopefully. Wondering if this lamp is toast and if I need to run out in the rain today and buy a new one or else sit in the dark all night. A lamp is such a personal thing, too. This one was the first thing I bought and moved into my apartment when I moved in 11 years ago. I love it.

In any case, knitting. It’s too dark in here to knit. But I AM almost done with the second sleeve of the Ribby Cardi so soon there will be Seaming. And I have started my second Regia sock. And I just couldn’t help showing off what I got in the mail this morning. It’s 20 skeins of Peruvian Highland Chunky.
What will it be? I have no idea.

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Cut a potato in half and stick it on the end of the broken light bulb to safely unscrew it. Again I say, I hope the rest of the year treats you better. Although, maybe I should stop saying that. Maybe if I wish you bad things, good things will start happening. Let’s leave that as a last recourse though, yeah?

Ditto what Jenn said! At least you got some beautiful new yarn today, so that should make it a good day!

Unplug the lamp, grab some pliers and a thin piece of rubber–like those jar-lid grabber things. If you don’t have one, go out and buy one before you do this.

Wrap the rubber thingie on the outside of the socket, around the bulb, at the base. Gingerly grasp the bulp with the pliers and turn gently. That should loosen it so that you can remove it.

Ooooooh, I’ve been very curious about that Highland chunky! It looks really fun. As for your electrical issues, well, I know someone who causes all electrical things near her to break. Maybe you are similarly gifted?

If it would cheer you up, I could come over and roll around in the box of Highland Chunky. I think that would make us both smile.

I’d say that you were getting all of your bad luck out of the way right away!!

Nice new addition to stash…but, my question is, do you stash? My thought is that you dont!

Well, you got advice about the lamp aplenty. All I’m saying is: Delicious yarn, that.

Bummer about the lamp! I love your new yarn! If it is any consolation, last night Sebastion (one of my cats) tripped me, causing me to crash to the floor & giving me all kinds of neat bruises. Then while knitting, I got a splinter right before I added too many stiches to a lace pattern. All is well now. The cat is okay, my bruises are not too bad, the splinter is out and the knitting was fixed.

yummy yarn. love that color.