Outlets are fixed, lamp with broken bulb has new switch (which made removing said bulb unnecessary, since the whole socket was replaced, and the bulb had NO glass left whatsoever so the potato trick would not have worked, but thanks for the tips!) and now yes, I have even more new stash.
Behold Helen’s Lace in “Vera”. I ordered this back in November and it just arrived yesterday. Ain’t it pretty? And it matches my rug so well! This is destined for my long awaited Clapotis. Now I just have to decide if I want a real delicate lace weight Clapper or, a doubled up one. What do you think?

And I ordered 6 more skeins of that Highland Chunky. I know what it’s going to be now. Don’t you wish I’d tell you?

And in answer to Lis’s question in the comments – I have been a stash maniac the last few months. I never used to. I had some cheap stuff stashed but really only bought for specific projects and only when I was ready to start them. Look how fast THAT went out the window. Like a shattered light bulb.

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while i think single or double would both be lovely, i vote for doubling. i’m working on clapotis too and i love the warmth of it. plus, because of the way it contracts and rolls i think you’d lose some of the beauty of the laceweight held singly.

just my 2 cents!

OH! That will make a gorgous Clap! Well I can only say that because I’m making mine in that colorway too! I’m using Lion and Lamb yarn but I CAN NOT WAIT to see how your’s turns out! I think it would look gorgous all lacy and delicate.

I’d love it if you told what project you’re buying for. My Highland Chunky just arrived this morning and now you’re making me worried that I won’t have enough (which makes no sense, because it’s unlikely that its the same project).

Wow, that will be a gorgeous Clapotis! I guess I need to give it up and make one too… I’ll be the only Lady of the Drafty Table without one. I must have one before I head back to NY!

Glad you got your outlet/light situation figured out!

Yay, your yarn finally arrived! Yay!

A little late, but if there is no glass in the bulb, a chunk of clay in the empty bulb and dried long enough to let you ease it out will work.

Hi Jackie! By any chance do you have a rough pattern for the i-pod cover that you made in October? My BF’s son actually wants me to knit him one & while I took measurements itwill be a little bit of a pain to wing one without a test subject. I love that you made holes for the screen & the buttons.

Major lesson of the day: do not offer to knit something just to get a reaction – the person you are teasing just may take you up on it!!


Double it up. But know it will come out smaller (shorter and narrower) than if you use Lion and Lamb. But it will be ever so pretty 🙂