ribby_nozip.jpg Well, we had a Seaming Party here over the weekend and the Ribby Cardi is done, except for the zipper. Which I planned to get today. So the lovely Em and I took a long walk to the garment district to find one, among other things. Well, just about everything was closed! This is Not Your Grandmother’s Garment District.

So that will have to wait a week or so to get done. And I’ve been working on my second Regia sock intermittenly all weekend (at the movies, at the bar over a beer, in a cafe, where ever I can!) so I can start Alison’s Sockapalooza without guilt.

And I have several other things to start too, and finish (uh, hi…Lisette? Alice? How are you, girls?) but I couldn’t let the Lorna’s Laces just sit there, could I?

clapotis_1.09.jpg So I wound it up and started my Clapotis. Problem is, most of my stitch markers are on other projects, and I can’t use big dangling ones with this delicate lace weight, I find them too distracting. Ah well, guess I should have bought some today.

And because you asked, I think that the Highland Chunky is going to become This. Some day.

8 Responses to “Zippity Doo Dah”

your ribby colors look so well together and your clapotis yarn is gorgeous too. can’t wait to see them both. and beautiful future knit.

I also knitted Ribby Cardi followed by Clapotis 😉 I haven’t sown RC together yet because I haven’t got the zipper yet … Clapotis was fun – I’m starting another one for my mum today who thought “that pattern sounds too fiddly for me” 😉

Ooooh, so many fun projects! Your ribby looks great. Can’t you order a zipper? I don’t know if I can wait a week!

Fab sweater and I love the start of the Clapotis! I’m going to do one in cotton/silk for spring…as soon as I finish knitting socks that were 2004 Christmas gifts…

What a pretty Clapotis! Love the colors. What size needle are you using? I am doing mine in Koigu KPPM with size 8s, but I kind of wish I had used smaller needles.

Ribby looks glorious, darlin. Can’t wait to see it, with zipper, in person.

And yes, Clapotis requires about a million and five stitch markers.

your riby cardi colours look great together…both of those projects are on my overlong list; you’re making me want to move them up. that clapotis yarn is gorgeous.

Love the Clapotis. And you’ve got me wanting a Ribby Cardi. Maybe for Spring….