Not much to see. No photos today. But a quick update:

  • Ribby Cardi has zipper now, photos coming soon.
  • Regia sock at the turning heel point, should work on that one today.
  • Clapotis coming along slowly, I think that will be only a stay-at-home project due to the two ball of yarn attached to that one.
  • Morehouse Merino plain green hat started yesterday, to match the lily pond colored scarf I made, not much to see yet.
  • Lisette still untouched for now but I vow to go back soon.
  • No new big sweater prject started yet, I want to finish some of these smaller things and start on my Sockapalooza socks.

    And that’s that. It’s raining and gross and I have no work to do today, so I think I will catch up on some knitting before my evening plans. I submitted a proposal for a project I really want, so hopefully work will pick up soon, but for now I should take advantage of some free time. So see ya later!

  • 2 Responses to “Just checking in here”

    What are you using for your Clapotis? I think I’m giving up on finding anything in my stash, and am considering treating myself to some Morehouse loveliness for my birthday so’s I can make one myself.

    Looking forward to seeing your Ribby Cardi!