…so no head. But finished Ribby.


14 Responses to “It’s a bad hair day…”

It’s great! Just great!

looks great! did you have an easy time getting the zipper in? i keep putting off working on something with a zipper because i’m afraid of ruining all that work!

That is sooooo cute on you! I love the colors you chose. Now I’m wondering if I should have gone for the two color deal, too.

Looks great. I think I just might end up with my own Ribby. Not a bad thing.

What a cute sweater!


Another perfect fit. Looks great! Will we be seeing it in person on Friday?

Love it! Great job.

Looks great and fits perfect! Nice job.

Woohoo! Stylin’!

Awesome colors!

so purty. can you come to chicago and knit mine now too? 🙂

It is absolutely adorable and looks great on you. May I put in an order for one?

BTW, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you about that job! Keep us posted.


WOW!!!!!! It looks great and you look great in it! It’s making me want one……