regiasocks_1_19.jpg So it’s all socks here, lately. Here’s where I am on the Regia socks for myself. I know I should be finishing these before I start any others but I was so excited to begin the Sockapalooza socks that I just had to give in. At least I am still working on this and haven’t thrown them aside completely.
So, remember that Anne yarn I bought for the pooling scarf, and made several attempts with? Well, I gave up on that idea and it was destined for socks, so I decided to use that for my Sockapalooza socks.
Here’s what I have so far.
sockapalooza_1_19.jpg The lace is swiped from Knitty’s Straight-laced sock but I’m not following that pattern at all – just doing
a toe up sock with a short row heel and adapting the lace into it. And it’s pooling weird, just like the scarf did. Good thing this is not meant to line up in any way. I hope my sock pal doesn’t hate the colors. Me, I’m LOVING this sock so much
that it’s going to pain me to give them away and I have another skein of Anne waiting to be a pair for me, some day.
Meanwhile, I’m so behind on finishing sweater projects and starting new ones. I should take advantage of time while I have it. I had a conference call this morning about that project I really want, it’s down to me and another design team and I should know tomorrow if I have it. CROSS FINGERS FOR ME! I really want it, but it will mean far less knitting time for the next few weeks.

9 Responses to “It’s all about the socks”

I love the hot pink sock! The blue ones are neat too but the hot pink is gorgeous! BTW: thanks to you I have ordered a skein of Helen’s Lace (in Black Purl). I had been eyeing it for a while but seeing yours pushed me over the edge.

Love the pink and green together!

I love LOVE the Anne sock!

My fingers and toes are crossed. I hope to hear good news from you soon!

(psst…walking this weekend?)

That Anne sock is looking great! But then, we all know how much I love those colors!

Fingers crossed for your project!

I love the way the green pops out.

Fingers crossed here, too.

I don’t see how your Sockapalooza pal could not like those socks. The pink and green together are great!

Waaaaaaaah! I want to be a sock knitter now!

bonne chance, mon amie! 🙂

I LOVE the Anne socks – I just cast on for a pair today. I’m so happy to see someone else using this yarn. Yours are beautiful. Can’t wait to see the next picture!