Well I got that project I was hoping for and we’re in the contract stages. Which means, I’d REALLY better take advantage of knitting time while I have it. The next few weeks are going to be really busy ones.

So with that, I’m gonna meet my Ladies at the Drafty Table today (Drafty? It’s downright frozen, 14 degrees right now with a windchill of -1) and spend the afternoon knitting, and possibly teaching another friend if she shows. It’s been weeks since we gathered due to all the Friday holidays and tight schedules, so I’m really looking forward to this. Question is, what project do I bring? My socks? The Sockapalooza sock? The long neglected Lisette? I think I’ll bring all three.
It occurred to me too lately that almost all my projects are on needles from 0s to 3s. Maybe I need to break it up a little, like starting that sweater from the Highland Chunky.

6 Responses to “Good News”

Congrats on the project win! Now go and do some knitting before you get too busy!

Congratulations on your project! I hope you enjoy it and still get to have a little knitting time. 😉

I miss you Ladies! Have a Ginger/Lime Loaf for me!

Great to see you today, lady. Hope there’s good news about the contract waiting when you get home.

Congrats on the new project! Sad that I won’t be seeing as much of your fab knitting, but glad to hear that you’re excited about the opportunity!

Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing you when you finish up!!

Great news about landing that project. Congratulations!