That refers to the slush that is currently taking over NYC. I tell ya, having a white dog on days like today just ain’t all that fun.

I’m buried under piles of work but I do have a knitting update from the weekend. The massive snowfall kept me in much of Sat. and Sun. so there was plenty of knitting time. I finished my Regia socks and pretty much wore them all weekend. No, they don’t match all that well. I don’t mind.

And I started on my Highland Chunky sweater because I just wanted to feel some warm, squooshy, bulky yarn. Here’s what the weekend produced on that.carmel_01_23.jpg
And finally, my Sockapalooza sock. WHAT was I thinking when I chose Anne yarn with size 0 needles? This will take me forever. Yesterday produced a lot of knitting time at my office so I managed to turn the heel. I think I will definitely need till the deadline to finish these, what with all my work now and all. I do think the sock is coming out nicely though. I’m not that happy with the join after the heel turn so I might rip out a few rows. Tonight, in front of the TV. I mean, I have tons of work to do, but when LOST is on, you need a break.

9 Responses to “Black Wednesday”

You still have a month and a half before you have to be done with the Sockapalooza socks. That’s plenty of time. Besides, the Anne socks are absolutely gorgeous. I’m very jealous of your Sockapalooza pal.

Yay, you finished the Regia socks! They look great! (Yes, it’s 8:48 and LOST is on, but I’m recording it so I can fast forward the commercials) That Highland Chunky is looking mighty fine, too. And you’ll finish the Anne socks. They look beautiful.

Oooh, that Anne yarn would make a nice Calpotis. Of course, I’d recommend bigger needles. You reminded me to start thinking about my Sockapalooza sock already!

Hey- is that Braid from Rowan you’re making? Mine is stalled since November.

hiya Jackie… just checking in to see what you’re up to.
Your Secret sock pal

love the colours on both projects…i’m also wondering if that’s braid…? great pattern.

Love, Love, Love that Highland Chunky pattern….my brain is too lazy to search, can you tell me what pattern it is?

The sock is lovely and beautiful and all sorts of other good adjectives. Your sock pal is very very lucky!!

That sweater looks so warm and soft who wants to walk the dog in the snow? (I hear you on the white dog getting dirty in city slush. Oh yes, I do!)