…that I’d have a finished Sockapalooza sock to show you. I wish. I have ripped that darn sock too many times now. Well, not the whole sock, but the top of it. I just keep making silly mistakes in the lace and I’m too much of a perfectionist to give away something with noticeable flaws. I hope you appreciate my anguish, Sock Pal! I had some lovely gatherings this weekend with knitting friends but the sock seems to keep staying the same height.

I did manage to order some more sock yarn for myself though. So much for not buying any new yarn! I am weak like veal.

I’ll certainly work on the sock more at my office tomorrow and if I don’t have a finished sock by tomorrow night, well, I might just have to keep it for myself and make something else for my sock pal. At least there is plenty of time left!

Oh yeah, that project I’m working on. It might keep me from posting often the next few weeks. But I promise to update when I can.

2 Responses to “You might think…”

Maybe you are weak, but you’re also young ‘n’ tender like veal.

Not that I would know, mind you. The first and only time I had veal was when I was 9, and my mom told me where my food came from.

“weak like veal” what a great quote.